By Team Member | May 20, 2021

Ask Your Agent – Client Testimonial – Bill Moore – Raleigh NC

We were with a previous insurance company for quite some time. We had received a renewable policy and went, wow, that looks pretty expensive. I said, “Maybe it’s time to get an alternative view.” So I reached out to Miller and he gave me a competitive quote, which was better. And at that point we said, “Let’s go ahead and do this.” And we’ve been with them ever since. We have life, auto, home. And then we also have business insurance as well, but you get what you pay for in today’s world.
What’s really nice about the Lawson Insurance Group is the personable approach that they take. If there’s an issue, you actually get to speak to somebody. You don’t get referred to an 800 number and say, “Hey, who are you? And what are you?” I can literally pick up the phone, call Miller, Kim, anybody in the office. And they say, “Hey Bill, what can we help you with?” And that’s what I really like the most about the group. We’ve had some competitive issues come up over the years and they’ve always been able to come back with either another company or an opportunity that works out well. And it’s not only our business needs, but then from our perspective, our personal. And so from that, just the interaction with Miller, Kim, Will, and the team, they’re looking out for us instead of looking out for the business.

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