By | June 9, 2021

Ask Your Agent – Gary Yellin – Raleigh NC

Well, when I first met Ken, I was a client with someone else. And the more I heard him, the more I heard how he dealt with clients, I was so impressed with him that shortly after I met him I said, “I need to change to this guy.” Ken doesn’t sell insurance. He does not try to sell insurance. And it’s not a cliche. I think of him as an advisor, as a counselor. And I actually had people go to him from another company and said, “Look at this. Do you think we should switch to you?” And every once in a while, he’d say, “No, it’s in your best interest to stay where you are,” when he could have had the business. That kind of integrity and sincerity sold me completely.
No one likes to be sold. And the Lawsons don’t do that. They lay it out for you and they counsel you and advise you, and then you make an informed decision. So when I have clients in my real estate business especially, who should I go with? I say, “Just make sure you check with Lawson Insurance.” And most of the time after they’ve talked to one of the Lawsons, that’s who they choose.
Businesses are becoming more and more distant and we’re becoming more and more of a number and a client file. And we usually talk to a recorded message. And when you call the Lawson Insurance agent, you get someone who knows you, someone who really cares about you, and someone who will talk with you and not just leave you a message. So Lawson Insurance does that for you.

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