By Team Member | June 2, 2021

Ask Your Agent – Michael Lawson – Raleigh NC

Born and raised in Raleigh. My father actually started his agency the year I was born. Went Sanderson High School. When it was time for college, I went to NC State. So still in Raleigh. And then got out of school and started working here. The longest I’ve ever been out of Raleigh is 12 days. I did that three different times, but literally 12 days is as long as I’ve ever been out of Raleigh. Family dynamic-wise, you hear a lot about, “No way I could be in business with my family,” but we get along so well. We always have. The three of us have always gotten along so well. I mean, they’re two of my best friends.
Just like any family or any friends, there’s going to be disagreements, but we can work through them. And there’s nobody else I’d rather be in business with. When life happens, maybe it’s a death in the family, you’re not going to replace that person. Or maybe it’s a car accident, there’s no injuries, which is great, but there’s also a crumpled piece of metal that doesn’t work anymore and that’s a stress. So let me take that stress off of you. We got you covered. To make it less painful for them and to take care of that and take the stress off of their shoulders, that, to me, is what it’s about.

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