By | May 11, 2021

Ask Your Agent – Pam Ribet – Raleigh NC

Had to change my whole career from a grill manager, owner to something where I could be there for the kids. So my grandparents grew up in insurance, my grandfather. So I knew what it consisted of, I knew that I could go to school for two weeks and have a degree and start working. So I did that in August of 2017 and then after that I got in contact with Miller. Gosh, Miller and I, I think we taught from September until I was hired in December. So I actually waited on them.
It’s been great. You get to help people, I get to do the same things I was doing with kind of like the grill aspect of having communication with customers every day and I really enjoy what I do.
We all have our clients list that only want to speak to us. I have one client that will call me just to get advice on buying a new car. Her husband passed away and I’ve been there. It’s building that friendship outside of insurance. It’s more making them more like a family than just a client. We’re there for all aspects. When you call a 800 number, you get a business. This isn’t just business.
We’re there to look out for our customers to make sure the customers are protected when they don’t know they need to be. To the Lawsons we are family.

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