By Team Member | July 6, 2021

Ask Your Agent – Ronald White – Raleigh NC

I used to own my own business, putting in floors. I met Ken Lawson, Senior back around 1972 when he was a co-owner of a company, Carolina Glass Interior, just one block over on 316 West Cabarrus Street. He was my boss and we kind of bonded. He was a people person and Ken was an all-right guy. He used to pick at me and tell me I was one of his first customers in the insurance business. So I was one of his first 25 customers and I’m still there with them.
Ken is a hard guy to say no to, Ken Lawson, Senior. And I came along when his family was just getting started. I used to go over to his house, do little various things and play with the boys. And I guess I was just part of the family. They’re honest. And they’re always there for you. I built my business when I was doing floors on honesty and compassion for the people that you’re serving, and the Lawson Group fits that criteria, and they fit it well. They’re just a good group of people to work with, and they always have your back. And sometimes in business, you call people, you can never get up with. You can always get up with them to resolve whatever is going on. So to me, the Lawson Group is the group to be with when it comes to insurance needs.

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