By Team Member | September 15, 2021

Ask Your Agent – What’s the next step after I buy a vehicle? – Raleigh NC

Hi, everybody. It’s Michael with Lawson Insurance Group. I want to talk today about a fairly easy question which is, what’s the next step after you buy a new vehicle? And when I say new, I don’t necessarily mean brand new, but new to you. What we’ve seen in the past is when you do this at a dealership, a lot of times these car dealerships will say, “Hey, we’ll call your insurance agent on your behalf,” which is great. But sometimes they don’t call. And so what happens then? We actually had a client a couple months ago who called us and they had purchased a vehicle two years ago and the vehicle had never been put on their policy. When they went and bought the vehicle, the dealer said they would call us and they never did. Thankfully, there was not a claim.
Our advice to you is to always reach out to your agent when you buy a vehicle or lease a vehicle or trade in a vehicle or sell a vehicle. Always touch base with your agent. Please remember at the end of the day, the responsibility to make changes to your insurance policy is on you, the policyholder. We hope this was helpful to you. If you’ve got questions you want us to answer, please hit us up with a comment on this video on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and check out our YouTube channel for more ask your agent content.

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