By Team Member | April 27, 2021

Ask Your Agent – Zack Beerli – Raleigh NC

I’m from Hickory, North Carolina, so the western side of the state. I went to UNC Chapel Hill and graduated December 2019. I was psych, psychology. I didn’t really know what I wanted to do and it was something that interested me, so I went with it and somehow ended up in insurance.
I just like to treat people like they’re a person, it’s not like you’re talking to someone and they have a problem and you have a solution, it’s more of a conversation. I think part of the job is helping people understand that what you’re paying for is not just a piece of paper you get in the mail, it’s actually something that protects you and your family. When something does happen, it’s a good feeling to be there for them and to be able to say, “Look, you have coverage for this. It’s going to be okay.”
We’re willing to sit down with someone and say, “Here’s what you’re paying for and here’s why,” and it’s not I pick the coverages for you and I give you a policy and I say, “Here’s how much it costs.” It’s, “Here’s what you’re covered for, here’s why you need that coverage, and here’s how it’s going to protect your family.” It’s less about making X number of sales per week, per month, talking to X number of people, it’s more about speaking about as much as you can to fewer people.

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