Disability Insurance

Disability insurance is special protection for workers that can help them get through an unexpected sick period or injury. It’s something that every employee should have just in case he is unable to perform his job functions for more than a week’s time. Many employers offer these benefits within a new employee’s first 90 days of employment as part of a package. The benefits department usually lets an employee know of his or her eligibility and how to enroll as soon as that person becomes a new staff member.

Employee benefit plans have a monthly premium the employer will deduct from the employee’s paycheck. The premium contribution is often much less than the person would have paid if he would have pursued healthcare outside of the workforce. If a sickness arises, the covered person can call a specific phone number to open up a case. The insurance company will decide claim eligibility based on the evidence that it receives from the employee and any reports that the employer adds to the paperwork.

The benefit pays a portion of the employee’s paycheck while he or she is out of work with a qualifying illness. The amount that the employee receives will depend on the individual plan. It can be any amount from 66 percent all the way up to 100 percent. Benefits cover a set list of illnesses, and each policy is different. Some of the illnesses that the benefit may cover are broken bones, back injuries, diabetic issues, severe respiratory problems and the like. Some benefits may cover emotional and mental conditions if those conditions are harsh enough to put the employee out of work.

The key to receiving payment from the insurance company is getting a doctor to diagnose the condition and then specify an amount of time that the employee will be away from work.The insurance company will review the doctor’s notes and then decide whether they will approve the claim. Payments start shortly after the employee receives approval for the benefits from the insurance company. The benefits will stop when the employee returns to the job and can work once again.