Recreational Vehicles Insurance

Recreational Vehicles Insurance is an insurance policy that protects you against damage and liability when operating a vehicle other than your car or truck. It’s important to understand that a traditional automobile insurance policy will not cover you or your passengers while you are driving or operating a motor home, boat or other watercraft, off road vehicle, or travel trailer.

This type of insurance on recreational vehicles can be purchased from your insurance company to cover boats 50 feet in length or less, personal watercraft such as jet skis, such off-road vehicles as snow mobiles, dune buggies, golf carts and dirt bikes, motor homes and RVs, travel trailers and 5th wheels. It combines the benefits of both homeowners and automobile insurance because in some instances, people not only drive but also live in their recreational vehicle, such as a boat or RV.

This specialty type of insurance can be custom designed to cover a variety of things. These include total loss replacement (TLR) of the vehicle covered by the policy, agreed value coverage, personal contents coverage, emergency travel expenses, vacation liability, along with 24-hour roadside emergency assistance.

Recreational Vehicles Insurance can include comprehensive coverage against damage and theft, as well as collision coverage to protect you and your passengers if the vehicle is involved in any sort of accident, along with liability insurance to protect you against financial damages claimed in a lawsuit alleging property damage or personal injury caused by your recreational vehicle. In most states, some form of insurance coverage, at least at minimal liability levels, is required for legal operation of a recreational vehicle.

It’s often a good idea to obtain this type of insurance coverage from the same company that provides your homeowners or automobile insurance in order to enjoy a discounted rate. Having your recreational vehicle, whether on land or on water, properly insured can protect you against financial losses should your vehicle be vandalized, damaged, involved in an accident or involved in causing property damage or injury to others, resulting in a lawsuit.